How do i become a movie critic?

Answer We all love movies, spending so much time waiting for, watching them and studying them that we have, in our own way, become a film critic. But what if we wanted to make a career of being a movie cr... Read More »

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How to Become a Critic at Movie Screenings?

Anyone can be a movie critic. Simply see a film, voice an opinion and voila -- you're a critic. However, becoming the kind of critic who gets invited by studios to attend advance screenings is hard... Read More »

Definition of a Movie Critic?

Movie critics are famously hard to please, and yet people routinely decide which movies to see based on a critic's opinion. Because they typically sit through hundreds of movies each year, critics ... Read More »

Movie Critic Checklist?

Being a movie critic requires an ability to write and a passion for films, as well as a willingness to pay close attention to a movie while it's screening instead of just passively absorbing it. An... Read More »

How to Become a Food Critic?

Introducing new restaurants and dishes to the public is a demanding, competitive, and rewarding job. If you enjoy tasting a wide variety of food, wines and love to write, use the following steps to... Read More »