I'm afraid to ask my mom for a bra. Any help here Female answerer please.?

Answer Just tell her. It's not a big deal and she will understand.Next time you're at the store together, just say, "can we look at bras for me?"

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Rajan Naidu is Point-Gaming to become Best Answerer!?

He may or may not be gaming points as you say. Only Yahoo can check to see if he is gaming. And some of his answers are so-so. But a number of the ones I looked at, the asker has picked his answ... Read More »

Criticizing an answerer,s suggestion to the person asking the question?

i totally agree with you. evryone should not criticize other's opinion. we all have to right to spread our suggestions but not to criticize other's own answer, nobody's perfect with their answers h... Read More »

What is YOUR video card (survey, 10 points to random answerer)?

i have... 7600GT and getting 8800gt soon=-)wish i had the 9800gx2 =(

Do you think 2.17 mbps is good speed for a broadband connection, good answerer will be get 10 points.?

8 bit = 1Byte here look at the b and Bb= bitB=byteso 2.17Mbps = 2.17/8 MBps = 0.27125 MBpsNow we know 1MBps = 1000KBpsSo in KBps your speed is 0.27125*1000 KBps = 271.25 KBpsIf you take a 2.17mbps ... Read More »