How do i bar a patio door?

Answer Patio doors are often targeted by burglars looking for an easy way to get into a house. They are usually sliding glass doors that can be jimmied with proper know-how or slid back with enough force.... Read More »

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How should I fix my patio door?

The answer is "c".If you take the molding off there should be some insulation remove it, make sure you save it. Then you will see either nails or screws in the jam. If you have a sawzaw or a hack s... Read More »

Patio Door Treatments?

Pay special attention to your patio door treatment when decorating your house. As an entrance, the patio door is not just a minor detail to your house, but a main focal point seen by many of your g... Read More »

How do I measure for a patio door?

Pry the casing molding surrounding the inside of the doorway off, using a crowbar to create the rough opening. Hold a metal tape measure at the middle of the rough opening, measuring horizontally f... Read More »

How large is a sliding patio door?

The size of a sliding door depends on the type and manufacturers. For example, the Series 332 vinyl sliding door produced by Atrium Windows and Doors measures about 72 inches wide by 96 inches high... Read More »