How do i attract lady bugs?

Answer Pesticides And HerbicidesScale back the amount of pesticides and herbicides that you use on your garden. These chemicals can often kill the ladybugs that you are trying to attract. Ladybugs can hel... Read More »

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Does citronella attract bugs?

The natural oil of a citronella plant repels a wide variety of harmful insects, such as mosquitoes, fleas, gnats, ticks and horse flies. This nontoxic pest repellent has been in used commercially s... Read More »

Do pine needles attract bugs?

Pine needles do not attract bugs such as termites, and it is useful to add nutrients in the soil to avoid soil erosion. Pine needle is also known as an organic mulch.References:Mulch Types: Pine Ne... Read More »

How do you keep lady bugs away?

Dealing With A Lady Beetle InfestationThere is no magic solution to this problem. There are however a few things that you can do to try and deal with the swarms of Lady Beetles that are mounting on... Read More »

Are there poisonous lady bugs?

Yes, all ladybugs are poisonous, but not by their bite. Their poison is a foul-smelling and rancid-tasting substance of their bodies that is only released if eaten by a predator. Animals are the mo... Read More »