How do i attach fencing between posts?

Answer MeasurementsMeasure the distance between fence posts to estimate the appropriate stringer length. The stringers are the horizontal fence pieces that support vertical fence boards and run between po... Read More »

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How to Attach Welded Wire Fencing to T-Posts?

A T-post has one side that has bumps every couple inches. These bumps are used to support the fencing material once it has been fastened to the post. Special fasteners call T-post clips convenientl... Read More »

How to Attach Bamboo Fencing?

If you are tired of your plain chain link, wood or concrete wall, attaching bamboo fencing to your existing material is easy to do. Bamboo is a natural material and an environmentally friendly reso... Read More »

How to Attach a Suncloth to Chainlink Fencing?

Suncloth is a type of woven synthetic fabric that lets air and some light through but blocks a great deal of heat from the sun. Also known as shade cloth, suncloth creates shade as it blocks plants... Read More »

How do i attach a suncloth to chainlink fencing?

Measure the dimensions of the fence and cut the cloth to fit it. Using a C-clip and pliers, put the clip into the top and the bottom part of the fence. Make sure the fabric is pulled tight from top... Read More »