How do i attach a wood rail to a concrete porch?

Answer InstructionsRecord precise measurements of where you wish each post to be placed. Mark where each post will go on the concrete. Mark the corners of each post to find out the center point for the po... Read More »

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How to Install a Wood Porch Rail?

Porches are meant for comfort and relaxation. The wooden rail at the front edge of a porch frames your view of the world. A classic wooden rail not only provides security but adds architectural det... Read More »

How to Install a Wood Bannister on a Concrete Porch?

Installing a wood bannister on a concrete porch adds to the overall look of the porch, changing the appearance of an otherwise dull slab of stone. The bannister may be of any style you wish, accent... Read More »

How do I attach wood to a concrete floor?

Temporary AttachmentSelect cut masonry nails that are long enough to go 3/4-inch deep into the concrete. Hammer the nail through the wood and into the concrete with a 4-lb. hammer. You can also use... Read More »

How to Make a Bigger Concrete Porch With an Existing Concrete Porch?

Since concrete porch surfaces usually function only as floors, the joint between separate porch slabs doesn't transfer loads or require intricate joinery. If you attempt to bond the separate slabs ... Read More »