How do i attach a phantom of the opera mask?

Answer Cutting HolesCreate two small holes in the mask using a craft knife with a sharp point. Place them both in the middle of the temple on either side; this will keep the mask from getting pulled to a ... Read More »

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What did they use the phantom of the opera mask for?

There are several versions of "The Phantom of the Opera," a story by French author Gaston Leroux (1868-1927). This is the book upon which Andrew Lloyd Weber based his popular musical show. Both the... Read More »

How to Dress up As Erik (the Phantom) from the Phantom of the Opera?

Have you ever wanted to dress up as Erik (the Phantom) from "The Phantom of the Opera"? Well, now you can just by following a few simple steps.

Who played the Phantom in the movie"Phantom of the Opera"?

"The Phantom of the Opera" has made it to film on numerous occasions. Arguably the most famous actor to have played the Phantom is Lon Chaney Sr., who made the role famous in 1925. The Phantom has ... Read More »

The Phantom of the Opera?

well I'm a guy. and i think this is the opinion ur looking for. I happen to love musicals.And Phantom of the Opera was really cool.It's got Gerard Butler in it. who is like the coolest! he played L... Read More »