How do i attach a fishing jig to a line?

Answer Attaching the jigAttach the jig to the line with a palomar knot, a simple and effective fishing knot. Double up the line and pass the resulting loop through the eye of the jig head. The loop must b... Read More »

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How do i attach a clasp on a fishing line?

Tie Good KnotsLearn to tie several good knots in your fishing line, depending on the application. A fishing line is only as strong as the knot or knots tied into the line. An improper knot can weak... Read More »

How to Attach Fishing Line to a Reel?

Knots are a part of fishing. Whether you are spinning, casting or fly fishing you will need to use at least a basic few knots to effectively rig your fishing line. Knots are used to connect the lin... Read More »

How do I attach a line to a fishing reel?

Attach the LineTie the line to the spinning barrel on the pole. Roll the line slowly onto the reel. Evenly distribute the line across the whole of the barrel, but do not use the entire spool. Add e... Read More »

How do i attach a fishing line on an open face reel?

Empty the SpoolPull all of the old line off of the reel and properly dispose of it. Make sure the bail on the reel is open when finished.Thread the Line onto the PoleRun the new fishing line throug... Read More »