How do i ask my mom if I can shave my legs?

Answer how can you be in 5th-8th. you can only be in one grade at a time.Just tell her, "Mom, don't you think its time I started shaving? This hair is embarassing...people are going to think i'm unhygieni... Read More »

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Do you think boys should shave they legs and if you are boy do you shave your legs?

Ladies, when you shave your legs do you shave just the lower leg, or the upper leg too?

I try and shave my legs right up to my excellent pubic dreads, which are approximately 3" above my knees.

My exgirlfriend thinks my legs are too hairy but I honestly don't want to shave my legs?

i think guys with hairy legs are hot!!!!well i guess you should trim it a bit but not to much it would look funnyBTW what planet is she from to think that(girls today are getting mighty weird)

How to Shave Sexy Legs?

No matter how shapely and toned your legs are, they won't be sexy if they are covered in hair. Sexy legs have smooth, hairless skin. There are many ways to remove hair from your legs, but shaving i... Read More »