How do i apply for a grant for schooling to get my CNAs?

Answer You fill out the FAFSA.The school's financial aid office can help you with this.You will get loans, and grants.Anything else online will be a scam.How can people not know this?

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Can a Married Women Get a Pell Grant for Schooling?

College is expensive. Tuition and fees at some private, four-year colleges have soared to over $35,000 per year, and even public universities charge more than $10,000 per year for nonresident stude... Read More »

Should i apply for the ACG grant?

Yes. You can absolutely apply for it. You simply need to go to the financial aid office so they can check eligibility. If you qualify, then they can award it to you. One of the nicest things about ... Read More »

How to Apply for a Grant?

A grant is money given by one party to another, usually a nonprofit entity, educational institution or business and usually for a specific project. There are many organizations competing for grants... Read More »

Where and how do I apply for a government grant?

A federal grant is money awarded to a grantee by the federal government to be used for specific projects that usually carry out a public purpose and benefit the community. No repayment is required ... Read More »