How do i and what is the best program to scan text to database?

Answer Gert the free software called 'FreeOCR'. It works better than those you pay for. Just install it and press on the MS Word button and the program will automatically open MS Word and lod the document... Read More »

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What's the best free text-to-mp3 program you've found?

You might give the following a try:……… Read More »

What Is the ACT Database Software Program?

ACT is a popular database and contact management program among marketing, sales, real estate and financial personnel. Manufactured by The Sage Group, ACT software helps these professionals effectiv... Read More »

What is the difference between a word processing program&a text editing program?

There are many different ways to enter text into a PC. However, the two most common ways to enter text are through either a text editor or a word processor.FunctionText editors are programs that al... Read More »

What is database development as it relates to computer program design?

"Database development" is the process of designing and implementing a database. Software design may be independent from or integrated with database development. A database housing business data is ... Read More »