How do i adjust screen brightness on a dell latitude?

Answer Simultaneously press the Function ("Fn") key in the lower left corner of your keyboard, and the up or down arrow key. Pressing the up arrow will increase the screen brightness; the down arrow will ... Read More »

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How do i adjust the brightness of a dell latitude?

Simultaneously hold down the "Fn" key located on the bottom left of your keyboard and an arrow key pointing in the direction that you want to control the brightness of the screen. Hold the up arrow... Read More »

How do I adjust Dell laptop screen brightness?

Hold the function key, Fn, then press the up arrow to make the screen brighter or the down arrow to dim the screen.Source:Dell: Latitude D620 User's Guide

How to Adjust the Brightness on a Dell Flat Screen Monitor?

A number of factors aside from the absolute brightness of the screen will affect how comfortable you find it to work on your computer. These factors include ambient light, presence or absence of su... Read More »

How do i adjust the screen size of a dell latitude?

Windows XPRight-click anywhere on the desktop and select "Properties" from the drop-down menu that appears. A new window will appear at this point. Select the "Settings" tab and locate the "Screen ... Read More »