How do i add voting buttons to a message in microsoft outlook?

Answer Voting buttons are used to collect polling data from the recipients who receive the email message. To add voting buttons, simply create a new message in Outlook, click the "Options" button in the m... Read More »

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How to Embed Voting Buttons?

Outlook is an email program that is able accomplish many simple tasks, such as sending and receiving email. However, it also is able to perform more-advanced functions. One of the little-known feat... Read More »

When replying a message on outlook 2003 the message body turns into an attachment?

Go to Tools, Options, eMail Options.There is a selection for "When Replying to an Email"Click the scroll down and select "Include Original Message Text".Click Okay and close the box.It should work ... Read More »

Microsoft Outlook Compared to Microsoft Outlook Express?

Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express are both email programs, but they function differently. Outlook is more robust and is often used in a business setting where users connect to a central server ... Read More »

Microsoft Outlook question...No one I work with really knows Outlook and I need to do a project?

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