How do i add picture frames to photos when using publisher?

Answer Open Publisher and create a new document page. Click the "Insert" menu at the top of the page and select "Picture," then "From File." Browse to where you have a photo stored on your computer and do... Read More »

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How do I add picture frames to photos in Publisher?

Open Publisher and click "Blank Print Publication" or the document you're already working on.Click "Insert", then "Picture" and then "From File". Browse to where your photo is located on your compu... Read More »

How can I print date of picture taken, on photos clicked using Sony W80?

The date / time information is held in the EXIF data of the pictures - check whether your photo app can print it. If not, have a look at PowerBatch.

Why does my video capture keep dropping frames when i'm using a brand new computer?

Your computer should do fine for video capture, make sure you have no other programs running and that your HD is defragged. If you still have problems is probably related to your HD. Video takes lo... Read More »

Why i cannot print when i using windows picture gallery or office picture manager under windows vista?

Never tried to print through Picture Manager. I edit pictures in Picture Manager, save the edited image to my Pictures folder and then open it in Pictures to print it