How do i add my videos from my sony handycam to windows movie maker?

Answer Your info was not enough, so the gen.process below:Video Editing Process **CAPTURE video files directly from vcam; IMPORT files from pc folders, EDIT to make the movie, save as a project, FINISH (... Read More »

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How do i get videos from youtube onto windows movie maker?

first download teh video from youtube using "youtube video downloader", then convert the video from flv to another extension maybe avi, then you'll be able to do it.

How do I import videos from the flip onto Windows Movie Maker?

Hi, as far as I know, windows movie maker compatible format does not include flip camera video:Video files: .asf, .avi, .wmvMovie files: MPEG1, .mpeg, .mpg, .m1v, .mp2Audio files: .wav, .snd, .au, ... Read More »

How do I get videos from my FlipShare Camera onto Windows Movie Maker?

Save your video files to you PC and then they need to be converted to work with MM.MM only supports:Video files: .asf, .avi, .wmvMovie files: MPEG1, .mpeg, .mpg, .m1v, .mp2Audio files: .wav, .snd, ... Read More »

What program can I use to convert videos from my camcorder to add to windows movie maker?

First and foremost, if your camcorder records to digital video tape, then you're connecting it improperly. You must use another procedure.If your camcorder records to a memory card or an HDD (hard... Read More »