How do i add a variable to a volcano science project?

Answer BasicsVariables in science projects help scientists study cause and effect relationships. Since volcanoes come in a variety of shapes, and explode in different manners, there are several ways to ad... Read More »

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What is a control variable in a science project?

According to, a controlled variable is the quantity in an experiment that a scientist keeps the same, to compare or observe differences in the measured or variable portion. Contr... Read More »

How to Construct a Volcano Science Project?

Volcano science projects are used to measure a student's understanding of the principal parts of a volcano. In addition, science volcano projects provide students with a visual aid in preparing for... Read More »

Volcano Science Project Instructions?

Science fair projects are something that every student between middle and high school will have an opportunity to do at one time or another. Almost every science fair has a working volcano. It look... Read More »

Volcano Science Project Ideas?

If you have decided to design a science project based on volcanoes, certain guidelines should be followed. The project will need to explain what a volcano is and demonstrate how it works. Some scho... Read More »