How do i add a link in dreamweaver mx?

Answer Finding Your PageOpen the web page through Dreamweaver MX in which you want to create a link.Input TextWrite the text that you want to become a link. This is what your visitors will see on your sit... Read More »

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How to Link a Navigation Bar in Dreamweaver?

Dreamweaver has an Include option that lets you link other pages and include them in Dreamweaver pages. You use this feature to include a navigation bar. Using the include feature, you only need to... Read More »

How to Make a Picture Into a Link Using Dreamweaver?

Dreamweaver is a Web editor that allows you to manage Web pages with or without HTML. The software gives you two ways to turn pictures into links. You can modify existing pictures in Design view or... Read More »

Can i plug a dvi-d single link cable into a dvi-d dual link slot?

Yes. DVI-D dual link is backwards compatible with DVI-I, DVI-A or DVI-D single link. You can quite happily plug this TV into your computer if that's what you are trying to do. Just remember that DV... Read More »

If I press REALLY, REALLY hard when I click a link, will the link work better?

Yep. And sometimes you have to roar at it - it works much better when I use sailor-type language.