How do i add a grandchild to insurance?

Answer Contact your insurance company and ask what documentation you need to add your grandchild to your insurance. Many insurance carriers require you to show proof of legal guardianship to add them as a... Read More »

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How do i add a grandchild to health insurance?

Call your insurance company to find out what the requirements are for adding a grandchild to your health insurance. Many insurance companies will allow a dependent grandchildren on the insurance if... Read More »

How likely is it for a grandmother to receive custody of her grandchild when the grandchild is living with her father and her mother died and she feels like the household is unfit for her?

Answer It depends on how truly unfit the living situation is. If you believe the child's welfare is in danger, you should have your local department of children and families initiate an investiga... Read More »

Can you carry medical insurance on a 22-year-old grandchild who is going to college?

You need to find out how the insurance company defines dependent.Most companies will say that dependents are your biological/legally adopted children age 19 years and under who you financially supp... Read More »

Can a 15 yr old grandchild with a learners permit who does not live with you drive your car if you are with him without being added to your insurance?

Answer A minor with a learner's permit can only drive with an adult in the vehicle. It can be any adult with a valid driver's license. The minor does not need to be added on to the policy until th... Read More »