How do i add a footer number to a legal document?

Answer Word Processing Document FootersAdd a page number in Microsoft Word by clicking "View" from the menu. Select "header/footer." Click "insert page number" from the header/footer toolbar. Click "Page ... Read More »

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How do I keep the footer only on the last page in a Word document?

Place your cursor at the end of the second-to-last last page. Click "Insert" and select "Break" (in Word 2003) or go to the"Page Layout" tab and click "Breaks" under the "Page Setup" group (in Word... Read More »

How to Hide the Footer on the First Page in a Word Document?

In 2007, Microsoft Word officially became Microsoft Office Word. Along with re-branding the popular word-processing software, Microsoft updated its interface and added new functions. These function... Read More »

Is a fax a legal document?

Yes, a fax is a legal document. The case Hofer v. Young, heard by a California appeals court, has been the model for all state handling of faxed documents. The fax is considered a "writing," and th... Read More »

In a legal document, is it yea or yay?

“Yea” is an old-fashioned, and now formal, way of saying “yes.” “Yay,” on the other hand, is generally used to express enthusiasm and happiness over something. Therefore, in most legal ... Read More »