How do i add a dogpile search engine to mozilla firefox 3.0?

Answer Add DogpileOpen Firefox 3.0 and navigate to the Dogpile website. Locate the list of options in the "Quick Starts" section located below the search box. Click the option labeled "Add Dogpile to My B... Read More »

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How do I add Dogpile search to Mozilla Firefox?

Click on the arrow next to your Mozilla Firefox search bar. Select "Manage Search Engines". This opens a dialog box. Click "Get More Search Engines".Browse through the list of available search engi... Read More »

How Do I Add the Dogpile Search Engine to the Firefox Search Engine List?

Add Dogpile Search from Mozilla Search Engine DirectoryNavigate to the Mozilla search engine directory listing for Dogpile and click "Add to Firefox" to install the search engine into the Firefox s... Read More »

How do i add dogpile to the firefox search engine list?

Add Via DogpileOpen Firefox. Navigate to Click on the link labeled "Add Dogpile To Your Browser." Click "Add" in the resulting dialog box, which confirms that you want to add Dogpile t... Read More »

How do I change Mozilla Firefox's default search engine from Bing to Google?

I had a similar problem but with Ask rather than Bing.The answer lies in Mozilla's configuration page.To access the configuration you should open a new tab/window and type about:config into the add... Read More »