How do i actually start organizing my house?

Answer Organizing your home can be overwhelming. Things have piled up for so long that you feel depressed and uncomfortable in your own home. Clutter is everywhere and you are wondering where and how to e... Read More »

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Was the architect who just said on the radio that you actually can build a house and start by the roof right or was he kidding?

he was probably kidding considering a roof can't float in midair.yet.wait twenty years.

Ideas on Organizing a Small House?

Space and storage can become an issue in a small house if you have many possessions or large storage units. You must fully utilize existing storage space and use lighter colors to make smaller room... Read More »

Organizing a Move From Your House?

Moving to a new location or residence is one of the most stressful things that a person can encounter in life. Even if you are not moving a great distance, the preparation and organization of the m... Read More »

How to Start Organizing Closets?

Closets are common storage unit in all living spaces. While some smaller units only have one or two closets for storing, larger units such as houses will have closets in every room, including the h... Read More »