How do i achieve optimal health at fifty years old?

Answer Optimal health is a good idea at any age. Healthy people tend to deal with all aspects of life better, as your quality of life depends greatly on your health. This becomes more important with age, ... Read More »

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What is fifty years called?

In English, fifty years is usually referred to as a half century. It can also be referred to as five decades. In Hebrew, fifty years is called an olam, which means world or eternity.References:Merr... Read More »

How much biotin is needed for optimal hair health?

On One Hand: The Body Needs Minimal AmountsA normal daily biotin intake for teens and adults is 30 to 100 micrograms a day, says Infants and children need between 10 and 30 microgra... Read More »

Is fifty years too old to attend dental hygienist school?

Although all dental hygienist schools require a minimum age of 18 to attend, there is no maximum age for attending. There are certain requirements and qualifications to be accepted into dental hygi... Read More »

Can social security disability be granted for arthritis if one is fifty three years old?

The answer is: It depends. It depends on how disabled you have become, due to arthritis. You will have to have medical documentation to prove that you have become so disabled that you cannot work a... Read More »