How do i abbreviate usa army colonel?

Answer The appropriate abbreviation for a colonel in the United States Army is "U.S. Col.," or more simply "Col." The abbreviation used for Lieutenant Colonel is "Lt. Col." The colonel and lieutenant colo... Read More »

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Who has more power army colonel or marine colonel?

they should be equal. final decision would be who has the earliest date of rank ??

What is the age to become colonel in Indian army?

What is the salary for a Lt. Colonel in the US Army?

It depends on the years of service, but the basic pay starts at $3,537.00 to a maximum $6,262.80 per month.

How do you find a serving colonel in the US army?

Either you know beforehand, or you don't find out. Since the attacks of September 11, personnel location services sponsored by the DoD have been disabled. If they're commanding a unit, you may find... Read More »