How do i Create XLSX files in Excel 2002?

Answer You need to download & install Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack.Here's the link:…Select save as & then select Excel 2007 Workbook.

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Are Excel 2007 files viewable in Excel 2003?

Excel 2007 files are not, by default, compatible with Excel 2003. Microsoft offers an Office Compatibility Pack that makes it possible to read Office 2007 files, including Excel spreadsheets, with ... Read More »

How do I convert Microsoft Excel files to Adobe PDF files?

Check to see if your computer has Adobe Acrobat and PDF software. If it doesn't, you can get the software online from the Adobe website. If you're using a version of Excel before 2007, click "File"... Read More »

How to Create an Excel Spreadsheet Without Excel?

There are numerous spreadsheet software programs that can serve as alternatives to Microsoft Excel, most of which are available for download from the Internet at little or no cost. Despite some dif... Read More »

How to Use Microsoft Excel 2002?

Microsoft Excel 2002 allows you to organize text and numeric data in a spreadsheet -- columns and rows -- format. Use Microsoft Excel 2002 to keep track of addresses, DVD or CD collections, attenda... Read More »