How do hydrogen bonds form?

Answer Hydrogen bonds are formed by the attraction between opposite charged dipoles between polar molecules and play a significant role in the behavior of many compounds including water and DNA. Physical ... Read More »

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Can water form hydrogen bonds?

Two water (H2O) molecules form hydrogen bonds when they are in close proximity to one another. This is due to the partial positive charge from one hydrogen (H) atom attracting the partial negative ... Read More »

Can ammonia form hydrogen bonds?

Yes, ammonia can form hydrogen bonds. Hydrogen bonds are dipole-dipole intermolecular interactions. Electronegative atoms such as oxygen, nitrogen or fluorine attract hydrogen and form hydrogen bon... Read More »

Why Does Water Form Hydrogen Bonds?

There are two different chemical bonds present in water. The covalent bonds between the oxygen and the hydrogen atoms result from a sharing of the electrons. This is what holds the water molecules ... Read More »

Are hydrogen bonds strong bonds?

Hydrogen bonds are strong bonds. They are stronger than dispersion forces and dipole forces. A hydrogen bond is formed between hydrogen and either nitrogen, oxygen, or fluorine. The hydrogen bondin... Read More »