How do humidors for cigars work?

Answer Some are electrically powered and other use the principal of evaporation from a wet sponge to keep the air humid. do you need a special gel for it?…is it... Read More »

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Cigar humidifiers and humidors?

A humidor is just a tightly sealed box used to store cigars. A humidifier is the device used inside the humidor to add the humidity to the humidor.

How to Preserve Cigars?

Have you ever smoked a stale cigar or cigarette? Stale cigars are not very tasty and end with a bad smoke. This guide will teach you how to preserve cigars or cigarettes, and ensure you never smoke... Read More »

What Are Acid Cigars?

Acid cigars have nothing to do with illegal drugs or corrosive liquids; rather, the name "Acid" stands for "Arielle Chester Industrial Design," the name of the design company of the artist who crea... Read More »

Are Cohiba cigars illegal?

Cohiba cigars made in the Dominican Republic are not illegal to purchase in the United States. However, cigars are still made under the original Cohiba brand name in Cuba. As of 2010, Cuban Cohiba ... Read More »