How do humidors for cigars work?

Answer Some are electrically powered and other use the principal of evaporation from a wet sponge to keep the air humid. do you need a special gel for it?…is it... Read More »

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Cigar humidifiers and humidors?

A humidor is just a tightly sealed box used to store cigars. A humidifier is the device used inside the humidor to add the humidity to the humidor.

Where are the best cigars made?

NOW, It is the Dominican Republic. There is a company that stole seeds from some Cuban tobacco growers and are growing the same crop in the D.R. Which is a much better environment in which to grow ... Read More »

What do cigars taste like?

A cigar is like wine/beer/soda/ etcetera.Here are some links that will help..… best thing to do is visit a local tobacco... Read More »

What's better for you: Cigars or Cigarettes?

hmm...neither. i preffer joints. lol. ive never smoked tabacco.tabacco smells bad...and gives you lung cancer. weed smells amazing, and doesnt give you lung cancer i dont think...but it is illegal ... Read More »