How do hotels keep their towels so white?

Answer they have industrial washers & dryers. the washers have 3 hoses at the back that each go to a bucket. one is soap, one is bleach & the other is some kind of sanitizor or something--I really can't ... Read More »

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How do Hotels keep the towels and sheets sooo white?

Get laundry bluing. It's a blue liquid that you put in with your whites. You have to use it continuously with the whites (can't start once they start looking grimy).

How do i get towels white again?

SoakingPlace white towels in a laundry tub and fill it with warm water. Pour 1 cup of lemon juice into the laundry tub and swish the water around to distribute the juice evenly throughout the towel... Read More »

How to Wash White Towels?

Wet towels can quickly develop odorous bacteria and mildew, smells you don't want on your towels or on your clean body after a shower. Select a laundering product that fits your needs and wash whit... Read More »

How do I get white towels really white again?

Place a small load of towels in the washer. Cramming your washer too full will not properly wash your whites and can leave them looking dingy. Wash your towels in hot water and heavy-duty detergent... Read More »