How do homeless get their money?

Answer Usually by begging on the street. They can usually stay in homeless shelters. I read somewhere that some people can earn around $30,000 a year just by asking for money on the street. I don't have a... Read More »

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How much money do organizations that help the homeless need per year?

I am homeless and have 13 yr. old son no money no family .No shelter will help cause son is to old what do ido?

Sorry hon, but not even asthma is a good excuse for not finding a job. There are plenty of things you could do and still be able to provide for your son. I don't mean to sound harsh, (I've been in... Read More »

What's the maximum amount of money a person can make in a year and still have their EFC be 0 for their FAFSA?

my efc is 0 and my fafsa amount given was the max at my community college for $4310.00. I also recieved another grant for low income individuals for 600.00 and a fee waiver for the amount of units ... Read More »

Are Invicta watches worth their money?

On One Hand: Invicta Watches Claim QualityDespite their relatively low prices compared to other Swiss models, Invicta watches offer, according to the company's official website, authentic Swiss mov... Read More »