How do hermit crabs change shells?

Answer The shell a hermit crab carries is not his own, but discarded shells of other animals. As the crabs grow, they have to find larger shells.Changing ShellsThe hermit crab simply walks out of its old ... Read More »

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How to Help a Hermit Crab Change Shells?

So, you want to help your pet hermit crab change his shell.You should never ever 'help' a hermit crab change shells. If you try to take them out of the shell they will let themselves be ripped apar... Read More »

Do hermit crabs eat bananas?

Yes, but ideally they prefer banoffee pie

How to Feed Hermit Crabs?

Do you have hermit crabs? If so here are some instructions on how to feed them.

How to Care for Hermit Crabs?

A lot of people think of hermit crabs as throw-away pets, but really, they are not. These creatures are fascinating, very loving, and active. If you give your hermit crab the TLC it needs, it can l... Read More »