How do heat lamps work?

Answer Heat lamps, or infrared lamps, utilize the principles of electrical current and electrical resistors to create electromagnetic radiation, most specifically, infrared. Heat lamps are constructed ver... Read More »

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Do lobsters need heat lamps?

Lobsters do not need heat lamps to survive. Blue lobsters (crayfish) must live in water in a large aquarium with water temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Red claw lobsters require w... Read More »

Do pet crayfish need heat lamps?

On One Hand: Ideal TemperatureCrayfish prefer to live in a water temperature of 65 to 77 degrees F. A heat lamp is probably not necessary to achieve this, but if you are keeping your crayfish in a... Read More »

What are the dangers of heat lamps on infants?

Doctors use radiant heat warmers to regulate the temperature of preterm infants because they tend to quickly lose body heat on their own. These warmers are manufactured for infant use and are, by i... Read More »

Are infrared heat lamps harmful?

On One Hand: Benefits to ConsiderAlthough they should be used with caution, infrared heat lamps do have some benefits. Not only do they heat up quickly, but they provide a high-quality level of war... Read More »