How do heal neck pains?

Answer aspirin. also don't turn your head to the left until it stops hurting.

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I have bad neck pains and a wonky arm?

Did you sleep on it funny? That sometimes happens to me. Try this: RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.Take a anti-inflammatory (such as Aleve - but make sure to take something with it, or else... Read More »

How can I avoid neck pains during exams?

Every couple of minutes lift your head back for a few seconds. I dunno, it worked with me and I had a 3+ hour exam a few days ago!

I get these sharp pains in my neck sometimes almost feels like i'm getting shocked.?

You most likely have a pinched nerve in your C Spine area, Or maybe even a disc problem. Its hard to say without a MRI though, X Rays usually don't show things like this. Try icing the back of your... Read More »

I have really bad chest pains, between shoulders & lower neck, help!?

If your neck muscles got chilled during the night they would tighten up to preserve body heat and that would cause the pains in the morning. Tight neck muscles can press into your throat with enou... Read More »