How do heal neck pains?

Answer aspirin. also don't turn your head to the left until it stops hurting.

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I have bad neck pains and a wonky arm?

Did you sleep on it funny? That sometimes happens to me. Try this: RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.Take a anti-inflammatory (such as Aleve - but make sure to take something with it, or else... Read More »

How can I avoid neck pains during exams?

Every couple of minutes lift your head back for a few seconds. I dunno, it worked with me and I had a 3+ hour exam a few days ago!

Strep throat followed by stiff neck and chest pains?

The stiff neck may be a sign of meningitis. Sometimes a viral or bacterial infection can enter the nervous system, causing meningitis. A check of this is to stand up and try to touch your chin to y... Read More »

How to Heal a Pulled Muscle in the Neck?

The neck is one of the most uncomfortable places on the body to have a pulled muscle. However, you do not need to go straight to a masseuse or chiropractor; you can attempt to relieve the pain your... Read More »