How do greenhouses keep warm at night?

Answer The air in the greenhouses warms up during the day from the sun's heat. At night the glass or plastic walls and windows prevent much of the heat escaping.

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How can I stay warm at night?

During the night, you will need artificial heat, since you can't rely on your body to keep you warm enough. Since the electric heater is too expensive, I suggest you purchasing an electric mattres... Read More »

How to Stay Warm During Halloween Night?

Halloween is a great time to dress up, but in some areas, it can be pretty cold on that night! Here are some ideas for staying warm.

How can i keep my bedroom cool at night now that the warm nights are here?

My bedroom is bathed in direct sunlight from 11am until the end of the day, with no shade - the side wall is actually hot to the touch most of the day! To make matters worse, I have a powerful desk... Read More »

I. am. beyond. freezing. heaters broken and its 10 oclock on a winter night. any ideas to warm! pleasee.?

take a hot bath and get out and dry yourself quickly. Put on some warm PJs. Get a heat sack, if you have a dog snuggle up with it, drink something hot like hot cocoa, tea or hot milk, snuggle up wi... Read More »