Can donkeys reproduce?

Answer Donkeys reproduce with each other or with horses. Donkeys that reproduce with other donkeys produce donkeys. A male donkey that reproduces with a female horse produces a mule. A female donkey that ... Read More »

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How do carnations reproduce?

The word carnation is a combination of the base Greek words for god and flower. A perennial flower native to the European continent, the carnation has become a popular flower for arrangements, bout... Read More »

How do manatees reproduce?

The manatee is a large, gray aquatic mammal that moves slowly. Manatees are herbivores and migratory. In the United States, they are found most often in the southeast, particularly in Florida in th... Read More »

How do reptiles reproduce?

Reptiles primarily reproduce by laying eggs, which classifies them as oviparous. However, some species of snakes and lizards actually give birth to their young, which classifies them as viviparous,... Read More »

How do red worms reproduce?

The tiny red worm's voracious appetite and proclivity for reproduction make it an ideal creature for composting. Two red worms under ideal conditions could spawn hundreds of new worms in their life... Read More »