What does reproduce mean?

Answer The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word "reproduce" as "to produce (new individuals of the same kind) by a sexual or asexual process." Plants reproduce sexually from eggs and sperm produced... Read More »

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How do red worms reproduce?

The tiny red worm's voracious appetite and proclivity for reproduction make it an ideal creature for composting. Two red worms under ideal conditions could spawn hundreds of new worms in their life... Read More »

What Does A Stigma Do reproduce?

the male parts of the plant: anther, filament, pollen female parts: stigma, style, ovules, ovuary first the pollen from the anther, which is the top stem, is rubbed on a pollinator or blown by ... Read More »

How does garlic reproduce?

Garlic is a bulb plant. If you crack open a head of garlic, there are many cloves. Each clove is a new garlic waiting to sprout. :) Hardneck varieties grow scapes that later produce a flower head ... Read More »

What if cameras could reproduce?

Maybe we will see the worlds first 'Canikon' (I hate it when people use that term!)...I'd like my my Canon 40D and Canon A-1 to produce some kind of hybrid, but the FD/EOS compatibility means they ... Read More »