How do glycolic acids work?

Answer Glycolic acids are a form of alpha hydroxy acids often used in skin-care treatments. Glycolic acid is produced naturally in sugar cane and may be used as an anti-aging treatment or a pimple or blac... Read More »

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How Does Glycolic Acid Work?

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Does glycolic acid work on rosacea?

On One Hand: Effectiveness Against RosaceaFor papulopustular rosacea (the subtype of rosacea that involves the formation of bumps and pus-filled lesions) glycolic acid masks and washes are often pr... Read More »

How to Safely Work With Acids & Bases?

Acids are often defined as substances that donate hydrogen ions, while bases take hydrogen ions. In water, an acid increases the concentration of hydrogen ions while a base decreases the concentrat... Read More »

How Often Should a Glycolic Peel Be Done?

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