How do girls take having long nails all the time?

Answer That is pretty funny. 3/4 of an inch is a significant length for acrylic nails for anyone but with practice it can be done. Your lucky I didn't pick you outfit maybe some knee high high heel boots ... Read More »

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Guys: Do you like girls with long nails or short nails ?

Long nails always make a womans hands look more feminine & sexy. Some women can't grow long nails so a nicely done set of fakes is awesome. My wife keeps hers close to 1 inch long and squared at th... Read More »

How to Talk to a Crush You Haven't Spoken to in a Long Time (for Girls)?

If you ever embarrassed yourself in front of your crush, and didn't talk to him for a while, or if you haven't just talked to him for a while, then check out these tips. Here are a few ways to get ... Read More »

Nails Survey: Girls Would You Pay For This?

Girls Nails: How Does This Sound Would You Pay For This Pedicure?

I'm 18, and I would definitely pay for this pedicure! Foot massage and pedicure all in one package, how can I refuse! I also admire how you're doing something about being jobless instead of just si... Read More »