How to Get Circumcised?

Answer Circumcision is usually performed on infants, however, if you were not circumcised as an infant and wish to do so as an adult, this can be easily achieved in one of many ways. Circumcision is an ol... Read More »

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Can you get circumcised for?

yes you can. It would be considered cosmetic surgery.

Should my son get circumcised ?

There is NO good reason to circumcise your son. You are correct on this one!The "It's easier to keep clean" thing is not true. The intact boy requires no special care at all, you simply wipe the o... Read More »

Should i get my son circumcised?

I would recommend NOT circumcising your son. The benefits do not outweigh the risks. One analysis found that for every 9 boys who might be spared a UTI by circumcision, another 12 boys at the least... Read More »

Is your son circumcised?

NOPE MINES NOT! Neither is his dad... MY dad, nor my brother. My fiances other 2 sons arent as well. And I just watched a YouTube video of a baby being circumsised and I'm SO glad that we didnt do ... Read More »