How do get rid of a really bad hangover before I go to work at 9am?

Answer Drink aloooot of water, and take an asprin. Lay down for about 20-30 minutes and relax. Then get up and drink more water. Usually when you have a hangover your body is starving for water.

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How do you cure a really bad hangover?

What can you do to help cure a really bad hangover?

well one way to get rid of a hangover is to drink alot of water to wash the vodka out of your systemorbut one way to stop a hangover in the first place is to drink a glass of water between every gl... Read More »

I've got a really bad hangover, whats the best cure?

Sleep.Drink coffee/tea which ever you prefer.Stay away from warm milk, itll make you sick.Makes me sick anyway :/

Took the day off work due to a hangover?

No you should not get sick pay. It was your choice to be dinking. I just hope you don't do this all the time and have a family to support.