How do get my iPhone to restart?

Answer hold down the power and home button at the same time.

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How long does an iPhone take to restart?

Mine (and iPhone 3GS running the latest iOS) takes about two minutes from a complete reset and about thirty seconds for a normal turn on. But I think it depends on how many apps you have installed ... Read More »

How do you restart an iPhone that has an error?

Judging by physical differences...iPhone 2g - rounded edges, black bottom part on back of itiPhone 3g - rouded edges, thinner than 2g and all one color on backiPhone 3gs - like 3g except has chrome... Read More »

How do you restart a hung iPhone 3GS?

Your apps that came pre-installed on the iphone, mail, ipod, calendar, etc., should work anyway. If even these apps don't work, you have a software issue and need to first try rebooting the phone,... Read More »

Just stole iPhone how to restart it?

Just because you stole it you aren't worth answering. Good day