How do generators work on an RV?

Answer Generators are gasoline-powered engines that produce electricity to run appliances and electrical outlets off of battery power. Generators are often used with recreational vehicles, also known as R... Read More »

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How do alternators&generators work?

Many old-schoolers are aware that antique cars came with generators instead of alternators that new cars have. However, very few understand how these related, but structurally dissimilar, power-gen... Read More »

Do hydrogen car generators really work?

On One Hand: They Shouldn't WorkPhysicists are quick to point out that the hydrogen or oxyhydrogen gas produced by a hydrogen booster cannot possibly contain more energy than it took to split the w... Read More »

Do hydrogen generators work?

On One Hand: Hydrogen Generators WorkBy adding a hydrogen generator to your vehicle, you will supplement regular fuel and increase mileage. A hydrogen generator creates the hydrogen from water usin... Read More »

Do HHO fuel generators really work?

On One Hand: Great ConceptHHO is highly flammable hydrogen gas. It can be obtained from water, which is made up of hydrogen and oxygen. HHO--sometimes known as Brown's gas, for the inventor of the ... Read More »