How do gas heaters work?

Answer Gas heaters turn fuel heat into warm air through heat transfer. Air warmed by the burning fuel blows through ducts either constantly or as needed, depending on the system.DefinitionThe Public Servi... Read More »

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How do ventless gas heaters work?

Ventless heaters are a special class of heater that does not need to transfer fumes outside the home. They are available in blue flame or radiant/infrared varieties, and can be fueled on natural ga... Read More »

How well do infrared heaters work?

On One Hand: Reduce the cost with infrared heatingInfrared heaters propel long waves of radiation, hitting a hard target close by to transform the radiation into heat. With an infrared wave heater ... Read More »

How Do Infrared Heaters Work?

Infrared heaters have grown in popularity in the 21st century as the focus on efficiency intensifies. While there are many different types of infrared heaters, most rely on similar technology.Infra... Read More »

How do gas water heaters work?

While gas and electric water heaters both have benefits and disadvantages, only a gas water heater will continue to work if your power goes out because it gets its power from a gas line, rather tha... Read More »