How do gadgets remember the time?

Answer The normal way is to have an on-board battery supplying the clock. It's usually very small and looks more like a capacitor. It charges very quickly when a power supply is activated and the discharg... Read More »

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Can you remember the last time you used a pay phone?

Not since maybe 1998. Now I just wear my cape and big red "S" full time.

Ok kiddies, this is before your time, but for the rest of you remember?

Man, those were the days!At home we started off with the Texas Instrument TI99, that was some of the top gear AND we could get color by plugging it into the TV. My dad, brother and I used to spend... Read More »

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Every day is a constant reminder for me,I lost all of my entire living family members in 11 months time,I ended up having a nervous break down and had to go to the Dr.and get on some medications to... Read More »

Could the people Sam Beckett on Quantum Leap had leaped into remember where they had been after they returned back to their own time as their own selves?

One episode in the first season shows a guy he had been as himself again after Sam was leaped into someone else at the same place and same time. That guy was talking as if the last thing he could r... Read More »