How do frogs make babies?

Answer Frogs have a unique reproduction method. Male frogs use their voices to attract females, then the pair mates and lays eggs in ponds and streams. Tadpoles hatch from the eggs and grow into young fro... Read More »

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How to Make a Terrarium for Frogs?

Terrariums provide a natural environment for captive frogs, while enabling you to observe the frogs and monitor their behavior without disturbing them. While many pet supply stores sell terrarium k... Read More »

How to Make Frogs Out of Paper Plates?

Paper plates can be used to make many craft items. Frogs are a favorite. This little frog puppet can be used to assist in storytelling or for children to create their own stories. It uses inexpe... Read More »

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Learn how to make these cute frogs.Kids will love these frogs, which are easy to make and a healthy lunch or snack. Learn how to make peanut butter and apple frogs.

How to Make Green Origami Paper Frogs & Animals?

With origami paper folding, you can create all sorts of fun animals, such as a frog, elephant, bird and butterfly. To make animals such as a paper frog and tortoise, you just need some green pieces... Read More »