How do frogs leap?

Answer Frogs are powerful jumpers, and the ability to jump is a major factor in frogs' survival. A frog that can jump far and quickly is more likely to escape a predator.LegsFrogs do not use their front l... Read More »

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In what Quantum Leap episode does Sam Beckett leap into a paraplegic?

yes there is. He became super saiyan 2 when he became majin vegeta by Babidi and since then he was able to transform at will.

How to Do a Right Leap?

Want to do a right leap? Read on. A person taking a step after chasse.

What does the saying"look before you leap"mean?

The term "look before you leap" means to think carefully and consider the consequences of your actions before acting. In finance, the term is meant to instruct investors to research an investment b... Read More »

Does quantum leap still come on?