How do freezers operate?

Answer According to AP Wagner, a distributor of alliance parts, most freezers are designed to operate the same way. They take warm air and cool it by using the principles of evaporation. The result is the... Read More »

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Can freezers operate outside in winter?

On One Hand: Above ZeroWinter temperatures vary from state to state, but as long as the temperature stays above 0 degrees F, most freezers can stay outside, says Mr. Electricity, Michael Bluejay. F... Read More »

Why are freezers on top of a refrigerator?

The coldest part of the ice box used to be the top part, where the ice was inserted. When Ice was no longer used, the cooling system fed into the top and the cold would go down. However, you can b... Read More »

How do I Test Freezers?

Testing your freezer ensures that your food stays at a safe temperature and that you aren't wasting money on an energy bill from a faulty seal. You should test a new freezer, or even oen that is si... Read More »

How cold is it in freezers?

While 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius) freezes water, food must be stored at even lower temperatures. According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, ideal freezer temperature is 0... Read More »