How do flashlights operate?

Answer Flashlights operate using the principles of a simple circuit consisting of a battery, a bulb, a switch and wiring. Electrical current flows from the battery to the bulb with the switch completing t... Read More »

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Uses for UV Flashlights?

Humans see a very narrow window of the electromagnetic spectrum. We do not see X-rays, gamma rays or microwaves. We see the colors of the rainbow from red to violet, but there is something beyond r... Read More »

Most Powerful AA Flashlights?

Flashlights are useful tools. Whether you keep one in the home to provide light during a power outage or use one to illuminate the sidewalk while letting the dog out, the brighter the light, the be... Read More »

Do LED flashlights need batteries?

Light Emitting Diode flashlights require batteries, although the flashlight has lower energy needs, which increases battery life. LED lights do not flicker or go out like traditional flashlight bul... Read More »

How Do I Compare LED Flashlights?

LED lights are far brighter than standard light bulbs, last longer and have a larger light range. There are many different makes and models of LED flashlights, so if you're on the market for purcha... Read More »