How do fish get oxygen from the water?

Answer Fish, unlike dolphins and marine mammals, get oxygen directly from the water. Their gills play the largest role in ensuring that fish can acquire the oxygen they need.WaterLike mammals, fish requi... Read More »

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Is it safe to use filtered water (sink water) to clean a fish bowl but add water conditioner!?

Honestly I had a betta for over 3 years, and the only water I used was distilled.

Are piranhas salt water or fresh water fish?

Piranhas live in the Amazon River basin's lakes and rivers. Although piranhas differ in size, body shape and coloring depending on their species, all of these South American freshwater fish have ra... Read More »

How does oxygen get into the water?

There are three methods by which water absorbs oxygen: photosynthesis of plant life, surface contact with the air so diffusion can occur, and rapid water movement to absorb air at surface contact.P... Read More »

How does dissolved oxygen get into the water?

The dissolved oxygen in water is essential to supporting aquatic life, because fish use that oxygen to breathe. Kentucky Water Watch says the sources of the oxygen include the atmosphere, aeration ... Read More »