How do fermentation&oxidative respiration differ?

Answer Oxidative respiration (aerobic respiration) and fermentation both produce energy from sugar. However, aerobic respiration uses an electron transport chain with oxygen as the final electron acceptor... Read More »

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How do rods&cones differ in the eye?

The human eye is a complex organ that is responsible for vision. There are a variety of components that help the eye see, two of which are the rods and the cones. They each have different roles, bu... Read More »

How do paper towels differ?

In 1931, when E. Irvin Scott first introduced paper towels, no one could have guessed that the disposable towels would boom into a huge industry. With the growth of the tissue market, manufacturers... Read More »

How do the marines and army differ?

The Marines are a component of the Department of the Navy, and the Army is a component of the Department of the Army. Also, the Army and Marine Corps have different force structures, missions, and ... Read More »

How do reptiles and mammals differ?

Reptiles and mammals are both considered to be animals. They are vertebrate animals (animals with a backbone), which consist of four leg-like appendages. Although sharing a common ancestor called t... Read More »