How do expose a narcissist in court during a custody battle?

Answer Answer You don't.One of the biggest mistakes that is made by feuding parents is the attempt to make each other look "bad".The best option is to allow legal counsel to do his or her job and/or, to ... Read More »

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How do you expose narcissism in court during a custody battle?

AnswerYou don't.For fit, loving, non-offending mothers in Virginia, learning to lie is key. Repeat after me, "He's a fine person, a good man, and a wonderful father." Write it in your interrogatori... Read More »

How do you get a narcissist to stop using your child as a way to control you and have contact with you when the court system is allowing him to do so?

Answer I have seen a few cases when the parent whether it be him or her use the child to manipulate the other party. The only consolation I can give you from that is that the child won't be under... Read More »

Could a narcissist get violent and physically harm me if he is pushed to the limit in court and he is proven a liar and gets supervised visitation of his child?

Your questions are too personal, leading and unanswerable. We don't have all the facts. The world doesn't know what you mean by narcissistic. By definition it means merely that he is self-centered,... Read More »

What sort of parenting plan should you propose if the non-custodial parent is threatening a custody battle in order to lower their child support payments but does not really want custody?

Answer Parenting plans should be discussed with legal counsel or with a social service representative before they are submitted to the court.That being said, there is not a court in the US that wo... Read More »