How do employers check education background?

Answer An estimated 30 percent to 40 percent of information provided by job applicants is misleading or false, according to Amy Crane's article on Verifying the information applicants provid... Read More »

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What do employers look for on a background check?

More than 90 percent of employers require potential employees to take a background check before they are formally offered a position for a job. It is important to know what employers are looking fo... Read More »

What do employers find in a background check?

The rise of the Internet makes finding negative information on a potential employee--such as a criminal background--much easier. Most employers screen their applicants, but there are limits to what... Read More »

When do employers check background&credit?

Looking for a new job? Be prepared for a background check, which is standard procedure for most companies. Once you give written consent for a background check, your potential employer will be free... Read More »

What do employers look for in a background check for employment?

Often one of the final steps before a formal job offer, a background check is an employer's attempt to find out if you'll be a trustworthy and safe employee to keep around the office.Why do employe... Read More »