How to Make Porcelain Elephants?

Answer Porcelain elephants are typically made using the slip-casting technique. This technique requires liquid porcelain and a mold. Hand-building porcelain elephants is a more difficult project and as a ... Read More »

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How to Make Oragami Elephants for Kids?

Origami is the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. The word originates from the Japanese word "oru," meaning "to fold," and "kami," meaning "paper," notes Art of Origami. The art dates back to t... Read More »

If a stork brings white babies and a swan brings black babies what brings no babies?

MY mom tells me she's gana sell Me to the gay magic pet stork of Micheal jacksom

Why are male inmates always trying to make babies with each other, don't they know 2 men can't make a baby?

I just thought that all the guys I shared a cell with had had hysterectomies. Now I'm bummed. :(

Do you believe that most infertile couples are adopting babies for the babies sake?

I believe most parents who want to parent want to do the best they can to be good parents. Not sure it has much to do with the process of actually adopting...considering that once a baby is adopted... Read More »